About Us

We’re a volunteer organization composed primarily of parents supporting the students and staff of the Maine West Fine Arts Department.

What We Do

We provide volunteer and financial support to all the departments under the fine arts umbrella at Maine West – Art, Music, Speech, Drama, and Broadcasting.


Gifts & Financial Support

How You Can Help

Become a member! Anyone can be a friend of the boosters, just fill out the membership form on this site. When you join, let us know if you’d like to volunteer and we’ll add you to our mailing list. There’s no minimum time commitment, just sign up if you’re interested in an opportunity that arrives in your inbox. If you join at a higher membership level, your tax-deductible donation will go toward supporting all the initiatives listed above.
Check out our Membership page for all the details!

Attend our meetings! We would love to hear from parents and students from all disciplines within the Fine Arts about how we can best support our Fine Arts students. Currently Band and Drama are well represented, but we really want input from other groups as well.
Check out our Home page for meeting dates!

Volunteer! Help out at upcoming Fine Arts events.
Check out our Volunteer page for upcoming volunteer opportunities!